Organisation of Field Army 1928

Army Headquarters89120
Signal Detachment
>Detachment HQ69
>Radio Section331015 squads each 1 radio
>Telegraph Section5524 x 11-man squads, total 2 field telegraph sets
>Telephone Section5956 x 14-man squads, total 20 phones & 20km wire
Cavalry Squadron91684 platoons,each 2x20-man sections with carbines
Three Divisions, each
>Division HQ61148
>Political Department135
>Signal Detachment4564 squads, total 10 phones & 15km wire
>Three or four Infantry Regiments, each
>>Regiment HQ2697
>>Three Infantry Battalions, each
>>>Battalion HQ316
>>>Four Rifle Companies, each51443 platoons, each 3 x 16-man squads with rifles
>>Machine-Gun Company51133 platoons, each 2 squads, each 1 Maxim & 3 rifles
>>Mortar Company51253 platoons, each 2 squads, each 1 x 82mm mortar & 4 rifles
>>Special Service Company5144Identical to rifle company. Used for escort and ceremonial duties
>>Transport Section530612 squads, each 20 coolies
>>Medical Detachment10116
>Artillery Battalion
>>Battalion HQ522
>>Three Batteries, each51472 platoons, each 2x75mm guns, total 20 rifles
>Special Service Battalion23529Identical to infantry battalion. Used for escort and ceremonial duties
>Engineer Battalion26455
>Transport Detachment
>>Detachment HQ718
>>Three/four Transport Sections, each422410 squads, each 20 coolies
>Field Hospital17100capacity 400 patients
>>Stretcher-Bearer Detachment31422 sections, each 5 squads each 30 stretchers
Training Regiment1392,2653 infantry bns, MG company, arty battery
Artillery Regiment
>Regiment HQ21120
>Three Artillery Battalions, each
>>Battalion HQ723
>>Transport Detachment7230
>>Three Batteries, each51162 platoons, each 2x75mm guns, total 20 carbines
Engineer Battalion
>Battalion HQ823
>Three Engineer Companies, each61443 platoons, each 3 x 14-man squads, total 54 rifles
Military Police Company5883 platoons, each 2 squads, total 72 rifles
From Kangzhan: A Guide to Chinese Ground Forces 1937-45